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A-Z of Bible Males

                       HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM JESUS!

Your free Christmas gift? Everlasting life in Paradise, earned, blood on wood, by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! He has done it all, and his promise remains to this day "Whoever believes in me has everlasting life!". The Good News (gospel) that saves is to believe in (trust in and rely upon) Jesus for your salvation, crucified to wash away your sins. resurrected for our justification. Repentance is always present with someone who truly believes, no cynically believes, it is the quality indicator of real belief, repentance does not save. Jesus saves! Take your free gift from God this Christmas time and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

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Notice Board

Greetings in Jesus name to all new visitors!

bible females .com is an old website I had to take down because of technical difficullties. I have only just opened the site again and I need to do some work on linking pages, adjusting text and finishing content. Please be patient and things will improve soon, be the Good Lord willing.

Thank you!